This Week’s Lottery Ticket to Terry Murphy

Published October 5, 2009 by Larry Fisher

Some scheming stupid mob guys approach a man like you to do an infomercial. it is for a product that spritzing whoever walks into your house of all germs. “No H1N1 will be walking into your home”
“Our anti- swine flu spray will secretly spray all visitors into your home and it’s invisible”
So, you are looking at these guys and say, “You have the product.”
You know it’s bullshit but they offer you a ton of money to make the infomercial.
They say they have the product, it’s in China,”But come on guy, you got the snip and the snap of editing to make the informercial, even though we don’t have the product yet. By the time we are making the infomercial, you will have the can. The stuff is primo. We’ll even throw in an extra case for the job you doing.
The first shot of the movie is going to one of the mobsters houses who you are shooting the infomercial in. It has a chain on a dumpster in the backyard and you hear someone screaming and trying to get out
The guy opens the dumpster and says,”How did you get in there.”
The guy runs barefoot out the front of the house.”
These dumpster divers are killing me.”
Well, Terry, this is this weeks lottery ticket. put it somewhere, if you could get this done, that would be great
you need a larger script, no problem


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