I’mIn With The Outcrowd – The Confessor – Chapter 6

Published January 7, 2010 by Larry Fisher

{First of all, I made some mistakes in the last chapter and instead of going back and correcting them, I plow ahead. I guess, I could mention what they are, so that I can move forward with the plot line and it will make sense. O.K. the first mistake was that if the Mano Figo had gold coins in it, I should have removed it. Then later, without my knowing it the kids could have put it back in. So that really is the correction… Moving forward… to chapter 6}

The Confessor

Occassionally, all the Junkmen got together and went to confession together. Usually, the Priest would get a bunch of the other Priests and kick us out.
We just got done with the Mano Figo fiasco and since we were in the city, Manny suggested we go to St. Patrick’s Cathedral and confess.

Sonny was squinting his eyes at me with disdain. He didn’t like the idea that we had to share the money from the Mano Figo. Lord know what he would have done had he known how much Joel the Bear was going to get for the figure and that he wasn’t going to get the money because of who he was.
Sonny said,”I bet that Joel is gonna make some good money on that thing. Just because I come from scum, doesn’t mean I don’t deserve silk pajamas.”

I couldn’t wait to confess to the Priest about the gold coins. I had them in my possession and let them slip through my fingers.First of all, Sonny would never believe that I was going to tell him about the coins, and who knows maybe I wasn’t. Maybe, I was just going to get greedy and keep it all for myself. That was hard to handle.
It was hard to believe, I could be so greedy and hard to believe I had ancient gold coins in my fingers and let them mano figo out of my life. Who could guess that kids were going to put those coins back in that strange bank.
I needed those gold coins. Business was bad. Having a store front “land-locked” me as the other more Piratey Junkmen called it.
Most of the other guys sold exclusely at flea markets. They all had storage of some sort. Either a garage or some shithole of a leaky dump. I was the “girly man” who wanted to have a store and deal with other artists.
“How is that real estate treating you?”T.J. asked. They all snickered. They knew that a store front just tied you down.
“I gotta get back to the store. Con Ed is coming to read the meters.”
The boys all laughed. They still claiming you running a big business out of that dump.”
T.J. said,”What are you guys talking about?”
Lenny didn’t tell you,”They are claiming his business is a factory because he has a couple of computers running and because of that his rate is higher than most regular store fronts.
“It’s a shitty little store front and they are going to bust his balls.”
“Tell you the truth,” I’ve had lots of strange things happen. I had trouble with the gas company turning on the boiler. In order to get the gas company to turn on the boiler I needed the plumber to test with the gas, but the gas company wouldn’t leave the gas on and also wouldn’t coordinate a time to meet with the plumber…And the guy from the gas company tells me,”I could fix this in ten minutes, but I’m not allowed to.”
“The blind leading the blind,”Manny said as we got to St. Patrick’s Cathederal “Come on boys, let’s go wash up inside.”
The bureaucratic stuff I was up against lately felt like a curse,”Manny am I cursed?”
“Man is cursed,” he said. “Go ask that Priest over there, where the bathroom is. Find out if the Pope ever took a shit in there.”
“I’m sure the Pope has a back room turlet” Sonny said.
I’m sure Sonny was right but I liked Manny’s idea of the Pope being a man of the people.
I got into the confessional booth,”Hey Father, I’m Jewish but I really like the idea of confessing. Is it alright that I am here?”
“What is ailing you?
“I…” my phone rang. It was Andrew at the store. He was crying,”Chucky was here and stole one of Sonny’s other safe.”
“He what?”
“He stole a safe.”
“He stole the other safe that came from the same place as the Mano Figo came from.”
I walked over to Manny and whispered what happened to him. He turned to Sonny and said,”Better confess about murder.”
“Which one?” he asked innocently.
“The one you haven’t committed yet.”


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