I’m Out With The Insiders – Is It Safe? Chapter 7

Published January 9, 2010 by Larry Fisher

“I recognize that girl, but I can’t put my finger in it.” Luigi said and laughed.
We all laughed except for Simon,”Give me that photo. Give me that paperwork. That’s my ex-wife.
T.J. said,”I’ll give you that paperwork when you give me two hundred dollars.”
“A minute ago you were going to throw out that stuff.”
“That was before I found these naked photos of your wife and these love letters you wrote her. Now, it is worth two hundred dollars.”
Simon lunged for Luigi and grabbed him by the collar.
The Old Man stepped in,”Give him the photos and the letters. He will either give you money or owe you a favor. He will decide. You will respect the love of his life, and you are entitled to an award.”
Simon let go of Luigi suit.
Luigi patted down his expensive gabardine suit said,”He also owes me for dry cleaning. Next time just hit me and try not to leave any greasy marks on my clothing.”
“What if you bleed on your clothing?,”T.J. chimed in.
Luigi said calmly,”Have any of you ever seen me bleed?”
Dropped subject. Simon teary eyed, looked at naked photos of his ex-wife and read the love letters he sent to her.
We were on day four of banging open safes. Sonny was trying to chase down Chucky. He was not to be found,(or maybe Sonny found him and killed him.)
The problem of a missing Chucky was: What was in the other safe. If the Mano Figo was in one safe, what was in the other? If Chucky could not be found, how could Sonny find out what was in the other safe? Could he go back and find paperwork, that would explain to Sonny what was in the other safe?

“Oh my God, this is amazing!” Andrew dug into the bottom of the safe and pulled out a bag of pills.
Since Chucky had absconded with the contents of Sonny’s Safe, Sonny payed Andrew to break open the safe in which Chucky had brought.
Luigi said,”Holy shit!”
Every Junkman came running.
Lots of tasting went on and debate about what the drug was in the pill form was discussed.
“It isn’t Heroin, but it isn’t not Heroin,”D.J. said
“It isn’t Coke, but it isn’t not Coke,” T.J. said.
“Ironically,”I said, “Chucky would be able to tell us what this is.”
Andrew said,”Gentlemen, this is an experimental drug which the Military is working on to keep a soldier fighting even if he is laying on the ground with all his limbs gone.”
“Andrew,” I said. “I know you have experimented with lots of drugs but how would you know what experimental drugs are about?”
“I found the paperwork, look.”
He handed me the paperwork as he popped a pill,”Let’s see if it works,” he said.


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