I’m Out With The Insiders – The Executioner’s Wife Chapter 8

Published January 13, 2010 by Larry Fisher

“The Executioner’s Wife’s story, involves a human tail. Some people are born with tails. They don’t like talking about it. It is ancient.
The Executioner’s Wife had such a tail. It wasn’t long, it was only four inches . When she was excited, it wiggled and made her happy.”
“She was only happy and excited when her husband, the Executioner came home, pulled off his red mask and threw the bag of fingers and assorted body parts on the dining room table. Sometimes, they had sex, right on the dining room table with body parts periodically falling on the ground with thuds.”
“The Executioner’s Wife needed to be on top of her husband because of her own tail’s erection. Her husband liked holding the the tail and moving her wife up and down on his schlong as they fucked.”

“Manny, I might not be able to handle this.”
“Manny, I got Chucky’s mother talking to me about some weird sex act with freaks that happened 600 years ago, I got Chucky duct taped to the ceiling, (I still don’t understand how they got him up there.) I got Chucky’s Dad, trying to lift my wallet out of my pants… I got a half dozen smelly Junkmen in a seance that Houdini would have desperately tried to escape from. For all my primitive man qualities, I can’t handle this.”
Manny put his thumb between his fingers and gestured the Mano Figo at me,”Don’t be a pussy, he said.
“Why is this happening?”
“Listen to the lady. She has been talking to living dead.”
“You mean Chucky? He has been the living dead, for decades.”
Manny put his arm around my shoulders,”Lenny, we are all living dead. We only are alive before we are born, and after we are dead.”
Manny has always been a mystical religious type figure to me… I guess I should explain him and the other Junkman ethos and then I will get back to Chucky and how he became “The Executioner’s Wife.”

End Part 1


One comment on “I’m Out With The Insiders – The Executioner’s Wife Chapter 8

  • When I was a kid, I asked my dad what the indentation right over my butt crack was and he told me it’s where my tail used to be before it fell off. Wish I had it now.

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