I’m Out With The Insiders – Like Bringing Sand To The Beach Chapter 10

Published January 16, 2010 by Larry Fisher

Chucky was still duct taped to the ceiling. His Italian family was either praying or cursing. It was hard to tell the difference because they were screaming and spitting. It was hard to tell if they were screaming and spitting at each other or at God.
There was alot of Italian hand gestures being thrown around. The old grandmother gave me the hairy eyeball and made the Mano Figo hand gesture at me and laughed.
I whispered to Manny,”What are we doing here?”
The old lady wants to have a seance with all the Junkmen. She believes that if we hold hands and make a circle around Chucky, and tell stories about him, we can bring him back.”
“Bring him back from what?”
“She believes that the Executioner’s Wife is trying to pull Chucky to her limbo… We are to try to pull Chucky to our side.”
“The Junkmen are in a tug-o-war with the Executioner’s Wife.”
“In order to pull Chucky back to our side… Our limbo?”
Sonny busted into our conversation,”My money is on the witch. She apparently had big tits and we know how Chucky feels about those… And then again, are we really sure that we want to bring him back to our side.”
“We have to try to bring Chucky back or that Italian old lady is going to put the Mano Figo curse on you.”
Sonny said,”What possible curse could that old lady put on me, that I don’t already have on me. That’s like bringing sand to the beach. I say we get the fuck out of here and cut that line with Chucky. Let the guy go. Maybe I won’t have to sleep with a gun under my pillow, if I know Chucky is sucking the tits of the Executioner’s Wife and not sneaking through my window to rob one of my safes.”
Manny said,”That was your safe with the Executioner’s Wife crap in it, right?”
“You were supposed to open that safe right?”
“Yeah, if Chucky didn’t steal it.”
“O.K. so if you let him go to the other side, then you can be sure to have Chucky coming and visiting you every night with the Executioner’s Wife in tow. They’ll be trying to drag your ass to the other side for a threesome.”
Sonny and I looked at each other. Sonny’s mouth was hanging open.
I said,” A menage a trois with a couple of ghosts.”
Sonny said,” I do not want Chucky’s ghost balls dangling anywhere by my face. Just when I thought the curses of my life couldn’t get any worse, it has. Come on, I gotta get this freaking kid back to this side. What do we have to do?
“We have to hold hands in a circle and talk to Chucky. When he falls down, he’ll either be on this side or gone.”
“I can’t hold another man’s hands.”
“Well, fortunately you won’t have to hold another living man’s hands. There are eight hands that the Executioner’s Wife had her husband cut off. We each hold the dead hands by the wrist and then apparently the dead hands will come to life and hold each others hands.”
Sonny said,”What the fuck is this?
The old lady pulled out the box of hands from the contents of the safe of the Executioner’s Wife.”
“Looks like a box of monkey paws.”
Sonny, Luigi, Manny and me each grabbed the wrists of the dead hands. We sat in a circle around Chucky.
The old lady got up from her chair and said some praying or cursing. The dead hands became animated and started to open up. I felt like blood was being drained in their bodies and filling up into these dead paws.
“Fucking hell,” Sonny said. “Are there any old penises in that box too. I feel all tingly.
“There are,” said the old lady laughing.
“We could have a circle jerk, with old shriveled cocks.
Luigi said,”Better yet, we could jerk our own shriveled cocks with these monkey paws.”
Manny said,”Get serious. We don’t want to mess with these cocksucking ghosts.”
We got serious,”What now?” I asked.
“We have to each tell a good story about why we want Chucky to remain with us on this side. the old lady said.”
We all looked at each other dumbfounded,”Lady, this might be tougher than you let us to believe,” Sonny said.
“I got nothing,” Luigi said.”
“Lenny, you begin…”
I sat there holding my monkey paws and paused to reflect


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