I’m Out With The Insiders – Tails Of Ye Olde Williamsburg Brooklyn- Chapter 12 – Knowing

Published January 23, 2010 by Larry Fisher

We were all worried about Chucky. He was acting nice and unusually generous.
Sonny knocked on the door to my house and said,”We only come to each other’s house unannounced when there is a real problem.”
“What’s the problem?”
“Chucky, won’t leave me alone. He wants to atone for all the bad shit he did to me over the years. I can’t believe how much he has ripped me off. Jeez, he keeps making amends and talking 12 step shit, and the more he tells me how much he’s fucked me over, the more I want to rip his head off, but then I feel bad about the curse about the Executioner’s Wife… Look, he’s in the van, you gotta make him a criminal again. It’s against his nature to be acting civil. It’s freaking me out. Look, I just got back from the doctor who told me that if I take another sip of liquor my liver will only be good with smothered onions.”
“Holy shit. And?”
“And I haven’t had another sip.”
I looked at Sonny’s gray face. He was serious. He was telling the truth. Shit, this was a man who drank a case of beer and a bottle of Scotch everyday since he broke his Heroin habit for… Jeez, it had to be 10 years.
“You gotta take Chucky and do something with him. Make him be a criminal again. Convince him. If you don’t, his goody two shoes behaving is going to pickle my liver for the last time… and I will come back and haunt you.”
“Fuck you,” I said.
“Look, just get him drunk, before you know it, he’ll be committing crimes, and then he’ll be back in jail, and we can go back to being normal… I mean normal for us.”
“Where is he?”
“He’s sitting in the van with his head out the window like a dog. I can’t deal with him being a puppy, it’s making me want a drink.”

Chucky looked at me and my kids,”How did you do this. How did you become a Junkman and not get crazy?”
“Chucky, we never really ever spoke before about anything. This is weird to think we can talk about something. What has happened to you exactly?”
“I see myself now. That Executioners Wife really taught me something when she almost pulled me to her world.”
“What did she teach you?”
“I used to think that I was the only one who lived with this dark world. That’s why I did everything in my power to get to jail. I could get to jail and help people there because everyone lived where I lived. When I was free, I was trapped.”
“And now?”
“Now, I realize we are all trapped and that everybody has their hell to live. I know you for thirty years,and I don’t know what your hell is. What is your hell?”
I felt like I was trapped with a Moonie at airport in 1975. Jeez, I don’t think Moonies would go to the Airport, or be allowed to be at the airport anymore…
Another bang on the door. This time it was my half blind worker Andrew.
“I need to talk to you Lenny. This fucking drug is the bomb. Sure, I’m a little blind, but this stuff we got from Chucky’s safe, is worth millions, For 72 hours, I was indestructible. I mean it. I was not human. I was a Superhero. That’s what we should name the drug. Superhero… Wait, that is too hokie. The drug should be named: Costumed Crime Fighter or CCF. Yes CCF will get you out of that backed corner you feel like your in. My Generation will overcome all the Generations like yours ahead of us. We will become the Costumed Crime Fighters.”
“Andrew, you need to come into the apartment and chill out. You are still experiencing the effects of the experimental drug you took.”
Chucky walked over to Andrew,”What was in my safe?”
I turned to Chucky,”You stole those safes. You got them from some fucking drug company, and I just realized that they will be looking for their shit. It’s some high octane military drug. It is only supposed to be given to soldiers who feel that they have their back to the wall and the only way to survive is to take this drug. It supposedly will get you out of any hole. You come out of it blind but regain some of your eyesight.”
“It is so worth it to go blind. I don’t care if I don’t ever see properly again.”
My wife walked in,”You talking about that drug that has been making kids blind in Williamsburg?”
“What do you mean?”
“There’s about a thousand kids who are ping ponging around. There’s serious street fighting going on. People are breaking into Condo’s and claiming it for the people…The Mayor called it Mass Hallucination. Kids are acting out and then going blind.”
I looked at Andrew,”What did you do?”
“I made some money.”
Chucky said,”We have to help these kids, even if I have to punch every single one of them out.”
Chucky and Andrew got up and started walking towards the door.
“Wait, where are you guys going?”
Andrew said,” I want to see the fireworks.”
Chucky said,”I want to put out the fireworks.”

I did not know what to say to them for a minute,”Wait, wait. Don’t go anywhere. There’s alot of anger coming to a boil here.”
“Where’s your anger?” Andrew asked and Chucky nodded.
“I keep it buried.”
“Because it is too scary to imagine what it is like to live with moment to moment.”
“That’s what this new drug is about,” Andrew said.
“That’s what The Executioners Wife taught me,”Chucky said.
They ran out the door together.”
“What was that all about?” my wife asked.
“Men stuff.”
“Stupid men stuff, right?”
“Is there any other kind?


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