The Hook – For Allan Weissman

Published February 20, 2010 by Larry Fisher

The lady died standing up. There was nowhere for her to fall. Her body fluids eventually exploded her shoes and began to slide under the door. Neighbors called the super. Super called the cops. Clean up crew was called in. No relatives. The estate goes to the state. The State did not want her crap. They did not bite the hook, that she swore up and down that there was a hundred thousand dollars in cash and coins in the clutter.

The lady did have a hundred thousand dollars in cash throughout the house. I got the money. Did I make anything. If you figure it out, I made minimu wage.
It comes down to the Law of Diminishing Returns.

I wasn’t interested in the cleanout, till I opened up a box and found 53 dollars and 22 cents in the first box!
Sounds like a no brainer right. A hundred grand, just get rid of the garbage and I can upgrade from my piece of shit Dodge Ram 1990 Van.

Wrong! her place was huge. There are large apartments in pre war buildings throughout this city.
She was able to pack 5000 boxes in her apartment. 5000!
It wasn’t all garbage but she started to collect her bones from Kentucky Fried Chicken. Oh she had her collection of body fluids. boogers and toe clippings.
Must you know everything?

Of course you do. I have to go to work and go through boxes of crap. I’ll get back to this.

The important aspect of this story is: some people like to hold onto everything, and this lady wanted to hold onto everything, and when people said to her, you have to get rid of all this crap she was able to say,”You can’t throw this stuff out, there’s a hundred thousand dollars in there.”
And people would leave her alone because she had found a hook that people could understand.


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