The History of Garbology – You Want Me To Remove This Box Of Gold Laying Around For You?”

Published March 24, 2010 by Larry Fisher

..Other Junkmen charge people to remove their estates. I usually buy it or get it for nothing because I also have to remove all the garbage which can be labor intensive.

I always kid around with other Junkmen about walking into a house and their being boxes of gold and I say,”Well, those boxes of gold are super heavy, and I’m gonna need a few guys to help carry that out. I’ll tell you what, just give me fifty bucks, just in case I hurt my back and I need a massage after I carry these boxes to the van.”

Everybody always thought that was funny and then it almost happened. Almost.

I got a call to go to Tudor City in Manhattan…

Wealthy folks live in this part of the city. It’s around 34 th street to 42nd on the East Side. Big buildings overlooking the East River.

I walk into an apartment that I expected to be in great shape and instead it was a dump except it had all these antiques, Japanese Samurai Swords and multiple boxes of gold coins. Multiple boxes of gold. Big twenty dollar gold coins. I got close enough to see that there were eight gold coins to a page. I could not count how many pages but it filled a milk crate.
I felt like saying to the folks,” You know, you can get in trouble for using those milk crates.”

I never expected that they called me to take the gold and of course they didn’t. The guy was a relative of one of the largest Safe companies in the world.

Anyway, I got the empty safe and all of his clothes. They were like James Bond clothes that he wore in Monte Carlo and they were all my size.
So, I put on a tuxedo jacket and moved that heavy but empty safe out of Tudor City and the dump with ten million dollars laying around in it.

I still have the safe and the combination in my home. Unfortunately, it is still empty


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