History Of Garbology- Guns, Dynamite, The Wannabees and Junkmen

Published April 7, 2010 by Larry Fisher

These low level Mob kids blew up Sonny’s Van because they were pissed at him. They couldn’t figure out how he was getting so much good stuff and jamming it through the windows of his first floor apartment on a regular basis.

Sonny was going to Storage Auctions and going to Electronic Store Auctions which were closing. He was buying everything legally but because he was somewhere between an anxious Joe Peschi and a smart ass Danny DeVito, they just assumed he was a Criminal.

They tried to get a piece of the action. He would just grab his balls. One day he was fighting with his girlfriend and stormed out of the house. These Punk kids were sitting on his stoop and one said,”Where you going faggot?”

Sonny is a man who did hard time for a long time. He looked at this kid and said,”If you are looking for faggots, a kid like you will find it in no time.”

This did not go over well with the kid. Within, a couple of days, they bombed David where he hurts the most, they bombed his Van.

Even though it was way before 9-11, The Feds were called in because of the explosive nature of the blast. Let’s not forget that the Twin Towers were bombed before 9-11 and that people died then too.

So, now the Feds were asking Sonny questions about his business, and he told The FBI,”If you are looking for Faggots, Agents like you guys will find it in no time.”

The FBI did not like that and decided to tap Sonny’s phone. Now, he was talking to me in code over the phone and I never knew what he was talking about.

Sonny knew. He knew the kids weren’t going to back off because Federal Agents were involved. In fact, finally, they could show off to the Boss who sat in the Clubhouse drinking espressos that they weren’t afraid of nothing.

They planted a bomb with wires under his new Van. The Feds sent in the robot to disarm the bomb. It was fake. It was a box with wires coming out of it and nothing more.

The kids did shit like firing off guns late at night. In the mean time, Sonny needed my help getting rid of weapons. He would put firearms in casserole dishes, filled with Lasagne and firearms.
I would turn them into the Police.

Then I got the really weird call from Sonny,”I gotta spread the powder from the Beauty Parlor around town. I need you to ride shotgun.”

Well, I knew that it was going to get weird. I had no idea what it was. I had done alot for Sonny that was borderline criminal; I illegally dumped garbage in other people’s dumpsters, once filling a completely empty one (that was not nice), and other stuff, I wrote and thought better of it and crossed it out…

Anyway, I get in the car and he starts driving like a maniac and says open your window and start emptying these bags.

“What is it. What am I emptying into the air.”



We argued for a long time and finally I started emptying out these bags of gunpowder. It came out of a Storage room and he did not want to deal with Cops because of The Feds and these Wanabee Mob kids

I emptied 10 five pound bags of gunpowder into the air as we whipped through the streets at high speed

My face was black when he dropped me off. He laughed,” You look Minstrel.”

I feel very Jolson.

The Feds left and Sonny had a meeting with twenty kids in the middle of the street. He shook the kids hand and said,”If I have to take a beating I will.”

They let him go.

They are all in jail for collusion on fake car crashes, Sonny passed away a few years ago, the Feds are no longer in Ridgewood, they arrested all the kids for fake Insurance claims on car accidents


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