The History Of Garbology – Time Capsules

Published April 16, 2010 by Larry Fisher

I busted open a safe in order to get rich…

Some people will go to Vegas and gamble…O.K. I’ll do that to, but what I love is to be offered to crack open a safe in which you don’t know the contents of it. I will buy you outright or buy into it.
What are you offering me?

I want to crack open your safe, especially if you don’t know what’s in it.

A friend of mine bought a storage room filled with “Time Capsules.” I really like “Time Capsules.”

Time Capsules are my favorite type of buys. A time capsule are items that haven’t been touched in at least twenty years; things that get packed up in boxes and put in the attic and are forgotten about. The stuff in the basement. The Garage can have time capsules as well. Of course some houses have closets filled with Time Capsules.

Time Capsules are the most fun to open, even if it turns out to be just old letters and bills. There’s something about opening old items wrapped in yellowing newspapers…

So, it is understandable, how a safe that hasn’t been opened and might contain the ultimate Time Capsule treasures: money,gold, diamonds, bonds, guns would appeal to me.

Like I said, based upon the rest of the Time Capsule boxes the safe could be the ultimate winner! The other boxes had silver and deco items in it.

So, man was I disappointed when after an hour and a half of busting into the safe, it was empty except for one single piece of paper… And what was on that single piece of paper? The combination!

Yes, people now is the time to laugh. The only thing in the safe was the combination to the safe. How does that happen?

Sounds terrible right? I mean I already busted into the safe. What is the safes combination going to do for me now?

That piece of paper is worth five hundred bucks to me. I was able to re-cement the bottom of the safe and now the safe is worth at least five bills on ebay.

It’s not alot of money but what it does is give me more incentive to play next time another safe comes along. I might not have won, but I also didn’t lose. It’s like playing the lottery and winning your buck back. You probably are going to play that buck on another ticket. I bet not too many people stick that buck back into their pocket and say,”Hey, alright I won my buck back, let me stick it back in my wallet.”

Anyway, for the last twenty years, I’ve been creating manufactured “Time Capsules.”

And what does a manufactured “Time Capsule” look like? I don’t really remember what is in them. What I tried to do is jam valuable items, or interesting items in suitcases and wait to see if in twenty years, I have a more valuable item. Well, it’s time to start opening them up. I have a hundred of them to go through. And for everyone I open, I will create another one.

What would you put in your “Time Capsule?”

What do you have laying around that you would put in a box and say,”Hmm…. this will have value in twenty years.”

Well, O.K. go get a box and go put some valuables or potentialing valuables in a box and write on it:Do not open till April 15, 2030.

See ya in twenty years


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