History Of Garbology – Dealing With The Pubic Public

Published April 28, 2010 by Larry Fisher

The guy has a watch in his pocket that I saw him steal from me.
So, I say,”Can I have the watch you put in your pocket.
He pulls it out and says,”How much?”
I tell him,”It no longer is a good idea that I sell anything to you. The quicker you remove yourself from the premises, the better off we will all be.”
He repeats his query in his Eastern European accent,”How much?”

Sure that was outrageous behavior but by no means the worst I have ever dealt with.

Let me make a mistake and immediately go to the worst, most terrifying experience…
I believe it to be worse than the Gay Homeless man on angel dust who came after me with a sharp long knife. I branded him in the chest with the bottom of a music stand. The next day he tried to sell me crap that he found in the garbage as if nothing had happened.

No the worst is the worst because the guy wasn’t just going to kill me. He was all a kind of a “Silence of The Lambs” kind of dude.

He was a tall ugly English Actor who got “Silence of The Lamb” kind of roles. I guess you could call him a method actor.His method was he was crazy and they knew it.

He would shop in my tenth street store and the creepy energy he exuded was intense. He would buy little things to give to his dates. I am shaking my head thinking of these poor girls out with this monster who was a good enough actor to hide his true nature till he caught you off guard.

Anyway, he wanted this two dollar book on Mexico to be on hold. I held it for him for a couple of weeks and then I put it back out into the shop

He came back for it a couple of months later.

“Are you fucking kidding me. I put it back in the shop. I’m not holding a two dollar item indefinately.”

We were alone in the shop and he came towards me. He was huge. Six foot five. He backed me up into the corner of the store He reached out and crushed the glasses that was on my head. He crushed them with one swift motion.

Then he screamed a couple of times,”Get on your hands and knees and beg for forgiveness.”

He screamed that twice. It seemed like a bad idea to get on my hands and knees. He had me pinned in the back of the store and I ran between the clothing racks and then came up behind him.

Now, I think most people would have freaked out and run out the door and gotten a cop. I did not. I stood there and laughed at him ” You owe me a new pair of glasses.”

It was at this point that my employee walked in and saw the whole store in disarray; clothes racks knocked over, book cases thrown in front of me when he was lunging towards me.

Now this little employee was someone who had killed people before and I could have told this little guy to kill this big lug and he would have found a way to tie an air conditioner to his leg later that night and throw him off the bridge like he did to someone twenty years earlier.

But I was laughing hysterically and pointing to my glasses,”You are buying me new glasses and then you can never come back here.”

We walked out together talking and I walked him to the Optician who he paid for my new glasses.

It’s hard to explain what happened. I mean a moment ago we were going down a very dark road, and now we were civil and were just two guys walking down the street.

Was it because I didn’t run out of the store? Was it because I came up behind him after running between the clothing racks and now I had him cornered? Was he just so surprised that I figured out I could run between the clothing racks?

Maybe he realized that I wasn’t going to get on my hands and knees and beg for forgiveness. Maybe because I was laughing. Who knows.

After he bought my glasses, I only saw him one more time. He wanted to come back to the store and shop.

I politely told him that would not be possible. He insisted for a bit and then relinquished.

When he leftby my employee, I had him followed to his apartment, just in case anything else was ever going to happen between us.

I didn’t like the idea that he knew where I was, but I didn’t know where he was. I got his name by following him as well.


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