The History Of Garbology – I Can Make Bad Business Happen All The Time

Published June 23, 2010 by Larry Fisher

A couple of years ago, I find a hundred dollar bill in a pair of pants.

I get excited and tell my wife,”Hey look, I found a hundred dollar bill.”

“That is not allowed to go into paying anything for the store. That has to go into savings?”

“Savings?! We need to pay the Con Ed bill.”

“That is not money that came in through the store. Only money that is made in the store, is money for the store.”

I walked over to a customer and said,”You wanna buy a hundred dollar bill for ninety dollars?”

He looked at the bill and then forked over the ninety dollars.

I walked over to the store book and put a ninety dollar sale in. “So, I guess this is store money now and we can pay ninety dollars towards the bill.”

My wife squinted her eyes at me,”I fucking hate you.”

“I know baby, give me some sugar.”

I got no sugar for a while.

But I showed her. It was so worth it.


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