The History Of Garbology – Finding The Stash

Published June 26, 2010 by Larry Fisher

Where the fuck is the money?

People hide money all the time in their apartments. Especially the old timers. Why do they stash money in their homes and not keep it in the bank?

Did you not see what the banking system did to us during the Sub Prime Mortgage fiasco? Old Timers don’t trust the Banks for good reasons. They heard about what happened during the Depression and they are seeing what happened to us in the last couple of years.

People don’t trust the banks and there are people who believe that there will come a time when they will need to get their money together and get out of the City, on a moment’s notice.

They hide their money somewhere in the apartment. If they die, they die with their secret.

Family members come in and look for it. When they give up, they hire me to clean out the apartment, because the apartment is worth more empty than the ten grand their relatives buried somewhere in the mess.

Here is a list of places where people hide money.

The bottom of a hamper
A fake book that has a stash compartment
The stove
Pull the dresser drawer out and look behind it
A bag in the fake ceiling
Ten dollars in each book of a book collection

Look for “Time Capsules” – Areas of the apartment that hasn’t been touched in twenty years. It might not have the cash but it will have lots of old cool collectibles in it

The truth is that it could be anywhere. Try to go through everything, cause you never know when you just threw away 10 grand, and you don’t want to throw away 10 grand.


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