The History Of Garbology – I Can’t Handle The Truth

Published June 26, 2010 by Larry Fisher

Only lies can set me free…

The truth about business in New York is that I gotta get the fuck out. I need to” find myself a city to live in.”

I need a very large warehouse that is cheap. Some old Post Office or an abandoned Church would do.

I need to close down my store in New York. The overhead and the stress here is ridiculous.

It will take time, but I will bury the fucker. the store has got to go.

I am a Junkman. I don’t need a store to tie me down. We are at the end of the world, we have to remain mobile. The City eventually will be attacked. We have to all become Road Warriors. It is inevitable.

Keep your weapons nearby and find desolate remote areas with lots of tall trees and a cave or two and that is where I will do ebay and Amazon from.

It’s funny but I’m not kidding.

Slow week again at the store. Fuck.


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