Found a Great Ring With A Finger Still In It

Published November 5, 2010 by Larry Fisher

I considered keeping the ring, even though it still a fresh finger in it.


I found the gem outside my warehouse in Ridgewood Queens, a few months after my landlord set fire to my apartment a few blocks away.


Are you getting a picture of this neighborhood? Old School mobsters still dominated the neighborhood  in 1998.


Anyway, after the landlord set fire to the place,(I’ll get to that story some other time) I found myself homeless and seperated from my wife after that.


I had been bringing women to Ridgewood and marrying them or kidnapping them (at the time Ridgewood, was not part of the Bohemian Cultural Center, and bringing a woman to live in Ridgewood felt like I dragged them to Devil’s Island and banished them from East Village Mecca.


I remember bringing a woman to Ridgewood and when she woke up in the morning, she insisted that I take her out into the middle of the street on Seneca Avenue and show her the Empire State building. She thought I brought her to Cleveland or something.


Anyway, after the fire I got a large 2000 foot warehouse with a 1600 foot basement, and a garage. I built rooms and for the first time in my life I got room mates. In the past, I either lived by myself or with a woman.


So, every room mate had a big room for three hundred bucks and I figured everyone would stay out of everyone else’s way. No, all I had was headaches.


People love drugs and alcohol, I mean love it more than paying rent.


The Warehouse had ghosts. I once watched the door handle to the basement turn and open up and nobody I could see walked into the room. The ghosts in this place were shifty. They were shadow ghosts.


So, one of my workers who lived in the warehouse was named Joey. He sold books for me on the streets of New York and I would put all his books in Banana boxes ( a New York street vendors trick). Every banana box was named Joey Bananas.


One day Richard the Cop stopped by and looked at the banana boxes that said,”Joey”. He said,”This used to be Joey the Bananas warehouse.


“Oh what would he warehouse?”


Name the vice and he had it here. The basement was used for torturing people. Any strange vibrations here?”


To be continued

















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