Bed Stuy Do Or Die – Zombie Factory

Published November 13, 2010 by Larry Fisher
Bumpy and Black Man Zap were debating Zombie strategy in Von King Park. They saw me with my granny cart, heading to buy groceries and they called me into the park for an impromptu cocktail…
I am not sure what they handed me to drink. It might have been moonshine. They put it in a styrofoam cup and I thought I should drink it fast before it ate up the cup and spilled all over the place.
“Zombies are mostly white people.”
“Really,” I said. “Am I a brain eater?”
“No, you are perfect for the Zombies. They want you making lots of babies. They like eating people’s brains  a little at a time. Zombies are not stupid creatures, like they make them out to be in the movies. Zombies are controlling the world and making sure people make people, so they will always have brains to eat. Zombies are not stupid, they know that if they kept eating brains and making Zombies that they would be getting hungry real soon.
Black Man Zap added,”Bumpy, when I think of Zombies eating white folk, I sure do feel alright being a black man.”
“Why don’t Zombies want to eat Black people?”
Bumpy and Black Man Zap  looked at each other and laughed. Bumpy said,”We are too much trouble for Zombies to control. You white people just fall in line.”
“Black Man Zap said,”I think Zombies are now starting to eat Black people… Not over here by Von King Park, but maybe some Black people in Prospect Park.”
“So, why is it that White people make good food for Zombies?”
“When it comes time to sacrifice your brains for the Zombies, you’ll find out.”
“You guys are fucking with me.”
Bumpy and Black Man Zap began laughing and shrugging their shoulders.
Bumpy said,”Zombies aren’t telling us their master plan yet.”

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