Spinning Wheels

Published November 28, 2010 by Larry Fisher

I have spent my life enjoying spinning wheels. I liked working extra hard and stupid and going nowhere… I dream of putting Sisyphus on my back, not as a tattoo, but for some lady to scratch her nails into my back, as we make love. I love the idea of a lady scracthing a man pushing a big boulder up the mountain as we’re fucking. Fucking slowly, as the young lady digs her nails into my back and makes a bloody mess… Sisy just frozen in blood pushing that boulder up that  mountain, going nowhere fast.


I am a hard headed Capricorn who doesn’t believe in Astrology at all.


Oh, I believe in stars… When I was seven years old, I asked my mother for a book on Astronomy, she came home with a book on Astrology. I was pissed but I read it. I know my stars. Still, I’m Capricorn and don’t believe in them.


So, I am trying to reinvent myself. I want a  paid vacation. If you have an offer I’ll take it. My idea of vacation is not really going anywhere, so i don’t know how anyone can produce this complicated vacation. I’m a stubborn kind of stubborn.


I want someone to buy me out or rent a percentage of the store.


I want to concentrate on having a good time with my kids, cooking for them, reading , writing and finding the right person to scratch Sisyphus on my back.


So, come to The Vortex and see if this location is something you can do something  with. I’m willing to  divide the place, it would work for a UPS store, Computer stuff, tattoo shop, or even if you just want to sell some of your craftier items on weekends, I’d be willing to listen to what you have to offer, or even if it is just long fingernails and an artistic eye.


Also, there’s a good chance for you to get some national attention, as Producers have been buzzing around me like flies to shit  for a while now. They think I have “something” but they  all worry about my spinning wheels and me dragging them down that same ugly nowhere path. Of course, maybe that national attention I get you will be negative. All possible scenarios, are possible when dealing with me.


Hey, you’re gonna change all that right? Are you that piece of newspaper that i can put under my wheel and spin out of that hole. I mean, I’ll pick you up and put you in the car before I take off.


The space is huge in a changing neighborhood. Money is coming here. Hipsters are coming here. The storefront has potential, I just am not smart enough, or good enough a businessman to bring coffee here.I am a caveman in a spaceship. I do not understand “the new”… If you understand “the new” talk to me, just don’t text me, i am too old and that is too new


The location is the vortex

222 montrose avenue

montrose stop on L train (right across the street)






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