The Junkman Guru – The Big Picture

Published December 4, 2010 by Larry Fisher

Where are we?


New York has always been a crazy City, but the whole country is living in harsh economic times and New York is in the thick of it. We are in the longest sustained unemployment downturn since The Great Depression. That statistic just in today. Did you ever wonder how are people getting through all this?


People are having to reinvent themselves and quickly because rents and living here are so expensive.There may be high unemployment, but that hasn’t stopped the city from being the richest in the world. We are playing a game of Musical Chairs in this city and lots of people are having their chairs pulled out from underneath them. People who used to have expensive chairs too!


The glories of the Computer Age have eaten away at a lot of people’s livlihoods, and while we all love You Tube, and free music,  people are scrambling to survive and find ways to stay employed while remaining creative… If you are a writer, someone is writing for free. If you are a musician, someone is listening to your stuff for free. If you are an artist, you might be spending your nights doing grafitti , in the hopes of being that one percent that makes some money out of what you enjoy doing. It used to be about 9.8% of people could make a living doing something creative and what they liked. Interesting statistic… (I made that one up.)

Who is this clown Larry Fisher?

I have spent my whole life scrambling and in survival mode. I have never thrived. I wasn’t raised to thrive. I was raised to survive.


I come from Blue Collar roots, which is like saying one foot in the grave.

I can teach the class, on what to do in case of another Terrorist  Attack. I was given a knife  and a rope at the age of five and was taught how to survive in the woods by myself by my Holocaust surviving Grandfather. Oh, and I was taught to have a good attitude about survival at the same time.

And I do. My Grandfather taught me well. Of course, now that everybody else has to learn how to survive, I am trying to thrive. This is not easy as I am in a difficult business, that is on its last legs. I own and operate a Thrift store that sells books, records, CD’s knick knacs, vintage clothing and toys… All great stuff to sell, when people have money. When they don’t have money, they watch You Tube and download free music.


I am in a contentious marriage with two little kids, I have two ex-wives and an older daughter who is mentally unstable  and  and I have an aging mother who lives alone, is stubborn and is crazy like a fox. Also, I have surrounded myself with seriously goofy people who all have some problems and I try to help them all out.  Good luck to me!




My wife was  born and bred in Canarsie Brooklyn. She is a tough Jewish woman who used to be an activist. Now, she is struggling to get by homeschooling the kids who bring her to her knees by the time I get home at night. She hates my fucking guts. I mean she loves me, but she hates my guts. I have not been able to provide enough capital. We live poor.She wishes me dead, yet she  worries about me dying. I have no insurance. I’m afraid if I get it, she will plan my death. Its not good here. We mostly stay together because we love the kids and we have no money to run away.




He is my good pal of minw  from Detroit who has just returned to get his slice of the American Pie. Detroit is becoming  a “Road Warrior” situation in terms of people finding work and the frustrations they are harboring. Terry works for me occassionally at Flea Markets. We travel between Detroit and New York picking up stuff returning it to New York. Terry is my Consigliere, just like in the Godfather. I tell him what’s going on in my life and he holds his head and tries to sort it all out. He has a tough gig hanging out with me. Occassionally, he yells at me for almost getting us killed, by putting us in dangerous situations… Its only happened a few times.




This girl is the cutest funniest girl out there. Smart 24 year old.  She works for me part-time and for a Sex Toy Company the rest of the time. Somehow, we always ending up talking about dildos. She is writing a book about the people she has fucked. I’m trying to work into a chapter.




helps me on the clean outs. He is a Councilor helping people get their lives together. For some reason, he always does something outrageous which costs me money. Once while helping me move my family, he left the state and left me a Dear John letter. That hurt. Still he calls me “Pops” and we always hang out together and have some laughs, even when we are really supposed to be working. We usually stop and play some basketball or shoot some pool in the middle of the day.




Works for me at Flea Markets. He is this incredibly talented young musician with a dry sense of humor like my own. We both see ghosts but don’t talk about it much. He has the intestinal fortitude to be in a bunch of bands and plays everyday… There is no money to be made being a musician in this world. Still, if you are a musician, you make music.




Six foot three beautiful Amazon woman.  We go pick up stuff from estate sales. Our conversations have the tone of being between Charles Bukowski and Alan Watts. We talk about writing.  We meet crazy people at the Estate Sales and have a great time finding places to eat lunch. We both write and talk about what we’re working on. We identify with each others Eastern European Family’s Theater Of Death.




William is the real star in my life. He comes with his camera on Sundays and records musicians, artists and Writers in the afternoon. What a great excuse to drink and have a party. The characters that come through with interesting personalities and fun times is amazing!



Look, I’m not much of a businessman. I’m trying to make it, but I’m trying to make it on my terms. So far, it has not worked out too well, but I guess at least, I’m still in the game.


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