Guru Junkman – Blowing The Rent Money For Records

Published December 7, 2010 by Larry Fisher

I took the rent money for my apartment and bought an entire  record store collection today.


I bought out a holdout  record shop on Avenue U in Brooklyn: Zig Zag records. The record store had been there since 1977. When it first opened it saw kids coming in and buying New Wave and Punk records. By the early eighties, the scene turned to metal. Venom and Motor Head were playing at L’amore…(I doubt anyone knew it was a french word and everybody pronounced it as Lamorz.)


The owner was bummed but he knew his time there was up. No business, just a legacy. Another business saying goodbye to a world in the digital age. March, onetwothreefour, march onetwothreefour…


Dawn  had a Camaro and hair that was bigger than huge and would go to L’amore in the late eighties. The Moshpitters would head out to Zig Zag Records to meet their buddies  High School buddies in  Bio-Hazard andType O Negative and meet the out of town acts like Venom and “who ever heard of Motor Head?


If you were rocking you went to L’amore Brooklyn. L’amore East in Queens was for pussies. The hardcore bands and the more grinding metal bands played L’Amore Brooklyn and so Zig Zag records was on the map.


And now the place is closed, and I have their records. And I will sell the collection of classic rock, metal and punk and New Wave for a fraction of what they should really sell for. Why? Why sell it cheap? You mean besides getting my rent money back as quickly as possible?


Because many people have given up on curves of air which analog musical records are as compared to the compressed sounds of digital music.


There is a physical and religious difference between analog recordings of records and the digital way music is marched onto discs and shaped into sound.


Look digital sound is fine overall. I mostly cannot tell the difference… but when I hear a record, I can tell it is breathing. The air curves in the grooves as it spins, and I am not trying to sound poetic. I mean, that is how records used to be recorded.

Digital recordings are music turned into numerical sequences. I mean it is done properly but it is the difference between fucking someone you love and just fucking someone. One means more than the other.(I’m not always sure about that.)


In any case, if it were a CD store that had good CD’s in it, I would have bought that.(and fucking loved it).


So, now the issue is how do I get Lemmy and Kiss to come hang out at The Vortex…  The truth of the matter is that all these young whippersnapper kids do come to the store and buy records and now the place is going to be packed for a couple of months. I will have my fifteen minutes of selling records . And the kids who come to my store are the new Lemmy and Kiss folk of the world. Everybody forgets that those old timer famous rock folk were just poor folk who shlepped their way to Zig Zag records like everybody else schlepped around…


On the way back from the store, I began to wonder how I was going to pay the workers for their labor of schlepping these heavy records all day, when I spotted a buyer of better things on the street and jumped out of the van,”Hey, Terrance, today is your lucky day. I know there is all this stuff that I have in the store that you want, but you haven’t wanted to pay the price. Well, today you get to name your price cause, I’ve got 8,000 records that I just bought with my rent money and I don’t want to be evicted just yet.

I made an analogical move.

I saw Terrance lick his lips.







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