Larry Da Junkman – No Beginning, No Middle, No End

Published January 27, 2011 by Larry Fisher

During my punk days, I’d gift wrap a six pack of beer and bring it to the movies. Nobody ever asked to check out my gift. I always made sure to clean up the cans and the paper at the end of the movie. I did not want anyone to figure out what I was doing.


For the last year, I’ve been trying to gift wrap myself and sneak into having a television series.  The Producers have  been able to read through my packaging and not let me have my fun. I really believed that I was going to be able to tell my story, the way I wanted to. I was willing to concede all sorts of stuff, to get my story told. I felt that if I could get twenty-five percent of my story on television, it would be entertaining and a party.


No dice.


I saw other Junkmen,   like Pawn Stars and American Pickers become hits by essentially using the formula of Antiques Road Show. Someone has something interesting looking and by the end of the show, you find out its true value. It really is simple. Sure, there are some characters in Pawn Stars and American Pickers, but no real character development or understanding of the human condition.


If you know me, you know that I like to try to understand things about myself and others, even if it is painful. This is what I wanted my show to be about. I wanted to reveal the pain of this life and how you can still have a good time, and also learn about values of items. I am after all, in the business of buying and selling items. I just didn’t want to pretend to know values of everything. After twenty years, I am still not sure of what I have in my possession. I guess in some ways I wanted to make fun of these other shows who pretended to know the value of everything.


I also was interested in telling a simple truth of American Life right now:We have been fucked out of good thing by a bunch of greedy businessmen. This country created a middle class after World War ll that has now all but been eliminated by the sub prime mortgage fiasco.


I wanted to go to estates in which people have lost everything, and hear different peoples stories, even as I bought their crap for pennies on the dollar, I wanted them to be heard, even as I was making money off of their hard times. I don’t have a problem with not looking like a good guy. I looked forward to a debate. Can you imagine. Is Larry Da Junkman a good guy helping people, or someone mooching off of other peoples hard times. There could even be a dartboard with my face on it.


Anyway, we are going to be taking the years worth of footage and videos we just shot as well as the years of cable shows we did and turning it into a documentary. It is called tentatively, “No Beginning, No Middle, No End” because I really wanted the show to flow, always be interesting, but like our own lives have the structure and the flow of our daily lives.


I will be writing about this process and the process and thinking that went into what we tried to do, and how free things became, once we knew that it wasn’t going to happen.


Of course, I still believe I can infiltrate the television world, and say something new with other stories…As I work to redefine myself in this messed up world, I am also thinking that would make a good show.


I got plans people. I got plans.








One comment on “Larry Da Junkman – No Beginning, No Middle, No End

  • Could it just be that have such a voracious need for attention and such a high regard for your own genius that the producers could smell it on you a mile away? They were just lookinug to make a compelling tv show while you were looking a way to prove your own talent and worth and get rich too. Desperation and hubris are a bad combo junkman, punk rock or no.

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