No Beginning, No Middle, No End II

Published January 28, 2011 by Larry Fisher

If  there was a lottery that could really change your life, and you could get into a lottery in which you had a better shot at winning…

Let’s say you had to come up with twenty grand to play a lottery in which there were few players, and the odds were one in twenty to win big. Real big. Would you play?

The winner might be able to buy a house, get health insurance, have  money for your kids college fund, and time to create your art without having to be disturbed about worrying about bills every minute.

Now, would it be worth putting down 40 grand? And it also involved your talents, and you knew you had some… 40 grand gamble… $40 grand over a year

That is what I conservatively think I lost, by trying to keep my junkshop open, during this last year. I might have stayed open anyway. I felt stuck. I have a 2000 square foot space filled with at least 40 thousand dollars worth of stuff. If I close the store, where do I move the merchandise. . I could put it in storage. There’s the cost of moving stuff, there’s all the time to go through it all, there’s the fact that I am lazy.


I love this business, but I am lazy. I don’t mind working hard when I think I am potentially moving boxes of gold, but the fact that I am moving stuff that has already be seen, doesn’t interest me as much.


So, I didn’t want to do the hard work, I thought I might have a shot at a television show, and I set up a pretty perfect set for a show. I thought I would even be able to negotiate for the set. The money was going to just roll along.


I saw the ad campaign on posters as I climbed down into the subway. I saw myself being surprised by a poster of myself the first day it came out. I would stand in front of the poster, and make contact with commuters as they strained to get to their shitty job. I would engage in conversation with them, and buy them coffee and make them late for work. I would make them happy,”Hey, Larry Da Junkman bought me a cup of coffee.”


“Well, it’s a good thing you have a real excuse for being late, because I was going to fire you! They would laugh and talk about what a bad businessman I am and how they thought it was hilarious when I had to use a handtruck to go cash in coins in the bank.


Anyway, the last year has been filled with positive lottery winning fantasies. Who knew that business would drop off so much. Everybody loves my store once they walk in it. I think the recession has really stopped people from thinking they can spend any money. Everybody feels like they have to tighten the belt.


Everybody thinks that way  except for real estate folk. They think the rents can keep going up and people will just have to get another room mate if money gets tight.


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