Closing The Store – Reality Sinking In

Published February 20, 2011 by Larry Fisher

It will be interesting to see what I will do with all the stuff in the store. Will I just walk away and let people take what they want?


I sure feel like just giving it all away.  How long would it take for people just to go ape shit and get everything out of here… I sure am tempted to experiment with this idea… if only I didn’t need the stuff anymore.


I would like to see the chaos of just telling people,”Sure, come on in, take what you want. It’s all free. Find some charity and give them a couple of bucks.


Pipe dreams. I need the stuff to feed my family, but I still don’t have a storage place to put the stuff. I guess it’s time to deal with the reality that the store is really closing. Fuck, I really don’t want to have to deal with that…


At some point, I will have to deal with looking around for a storage… and getting the best stuff secured before they padlock the doors shut from the Sheriff’s Office…


How much time do I have? What are the Court Procedures like? When will I be able to figure this all out? Tomorrow is a great answer to say everyday.


I have to figure it out and then move it, move it, move it!


2 comments on “Closing The Store – Reality Sinking In

  • Larry, what kind of crap is this ? What did you do with your stuff ?
    Are you still around ? Got a phone # in NYC ?
    I could use some merchandise if you got any left..
    Harry / friend of squid liquid and shrimpy dimpy

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