Larry Da Junkman : Antiques – The Rich Man’s Junk

Published September 27, 2011 by Larry Fisher

Antiques crumble in my hands. I have bought some  very rare items that disintegrate in the hands  of ” Larry Da Junkman… “Well, maybe it is time to become Lawrence The Antique Aficionado… Why not?    

What makes old junk so valuable that it gets to be called an antique?


An antique means that it is at least a hundred years old. That does not mean it is valuable. There are cheap antiques and expensive antiques?
An expensive antique is something a hundred years old that people forgot to throw out that still looks kind of neat. Most antiques are just  items  that everybody else got rid of years ago. The item becomes desirable because someone probably couldn’t afford to throw it out or they were too lazy to put it curbside or maybe it was kind of neat looking  and now that everybody else got rid of theirs, yours becomes an expensive antique.



Mother’s are the real reason that anything has value; they have been throwing out their kid’s stuff since the beginning of time. There would be no collectible market without mothers dumping.  When you go away to College, they roll up their sleeves and dump all your old baseball cards that you got from your Great Great Uncle’s kids. They dump the Superman comic with Superman lifting a truck. They have a yard sale with your Beatles 45 picture sleeves and they sell them for a quarter a piece.


And so my friends, that paper that you read today, well in a hundred years from now, will be an antique, it might only be worth wrapping a fish in it, but it will be an antique. Have you read the news today. Ecch!


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