They Shoot Reality, Don’t They? (For Documentary first draft)

Published November 13, 2011 by Larry Fisher

This documentary would be so much better if I were dead. People respond better to when hero’s of a self proclaimed documentary are dead. Right now, you are wondering why am I watching a documentary about a guy who hasn’t really done anything with his life, you probably just think I have a big ego.  Sure, that’s true. Forget about this movie, unless I died since writing this… Let’s pretend I’m dead.


Now, that I’m dead, I actually feel much better about making this documentary about myself and I hope you do too. Now, that I’m dead,can’t you see yourself  saying something like,

“Shame about that Larry Da Junkman, he had so much promise and a great sense of humor. Let’s go watch all his stupid videos and make them go viral like he wanted too. We can put virtual flowers down on his web-site. Hon, go get the popcorn and then jerk me off with your buttery fingertips  as we watch this tribute to that weirdo.”

The entire tone of “They Shoot Reality, Don’t They” will be like this. I gotta go work a flea market:

May all your dreams be multicolored and filled with explicit sexual intercourse


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