Larry Da Junkman – Clean House New York – “Junkman Blues Episode” – Clean Cool

Published December 14, 2011 by Larry Fisher

Rachel cracks up anytime I tell people that I studied acting.

I studied with Bill Hickey

He taught me to “Whisper, then  yell… then try to do something in between for the squares.

Do the lines happy, then sad.

Then try it laughing, then cry… Mumble as much as you can… people respond to mumbling.” – I think that is what he said, he was mumbling at the time…

When I studied with him, he had just been in a car accident which left him in a coma for a couple of months. So, it was hard to say, if he was mumbling because his brain was still rattled, or he was trying to teach me technique. My brain has always been a little rattled, so it didn’t matter to me if I was learning technique, or just being like a man who just got out of a coma

“The editor will be happy with you doing a bunch of different things with the same line, and they are going to do whatever they want with your footage anyway. So, give them variety.”

So, I had no idea how the editors of  Clean House New York  were going to present me. We shot for a week… They had to have 30 hours of me yakking about   rare Do-Wop 45’s, B-Movies,  Eddie Lawrence, Ed Wood paperbacks, Josh Friedman, Drew Friedman, Bruce Jay Friedman, the sub prime mortgage fiasco, kitsch, film noir, Ralph Ellison’s, “The Invisible Man etc. etc.”

I tried mumbling, yelling, laughing, (I couldn’t get to crying which is too bad because I can usually cry on demand, (for the cameras too!)

When the show aired, I had no idea if they were going to represent me as a comic genius or a jerk.

They did a pretty good job of doing both. I’m happy with the episode called “Junkman Blues”,  and I was ultimately happy with the work they did on the apartment.

I Could complain:

1. Yes, the screen for the projector fell down while gingerly pulling it down to show off the projector

2. I sat on a chair and it collapsed underneath me, as if it were a breakaway chair for a Western movie.

3. Somebody misplaced my tools. I had a lot. Maybe they’ll turn up soon. I need them to fix some things that look good, but still need a few turns of a Phillips screw driver.

4. I still miss the greatest bookcase I ever had, and a wood file cabinet that was perfect for all my dusty manuscripts of the last thirty years. Unfortunately, now I have to re-read my drivel and get rid of the really, really, bad stuff.

I could also not complain:

1. They understood me enough. I wanted a place that John Waters would like to walk around in. They turned my basement apartment into a penthouse.

2. I needed a place that Rachel would like to live in. She is still here

3. I needed a place that my kids would not kill themselves in when a box of rare do-wops hit them in the head and they love the projection tv (they did not get that for us)

4. I needed to sacrifice a great bookcase, and a file cabinet and a bunch of other cool shit. so what

I know a lot of you are jealous

You need someone to clean up your cool shit… I know you do. I’ve seen how you live. I get it. Write Clean House New York and tell them you want a Clean Cool,” like Larry Da Junkman got… just hide the tools from the movers and be prepared to either be edited as a comic genius or a jerk or both.


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