Holiday Fair (Selling Off My Good Crap)

Published December 1, 2012 by Larry Fisher

Life is in the details, no matter how mundane they can be. The pain of listening to teenage girl music drives me nuts at work,  and I have dreams of being Buffy The Vampire Slayer in a supermarket as I sleep with the sun in my eyes.

People ask me how my new job is, and I just answered it.

O.K. a little more. I work nights in a supermarket. There’s not much too it, (except dealing with the soreness of lifting stuff). There’s no homework and little mystery.

Some mystery. People’s motives are interesting even when there is no homework. Some folks are either naturally competitive or unnaturally paranoid or twenty something and don’t have a big enough soul to get priorities, (though I have met some good kids who just need some mentoring into becoming men.)

I don’t give a shit about them. I mean there are few young guys who if they need mentoring into manhood and priorities of life, I’ll do what I can. I was mentored into the Junk business and so I have a wealth of information about life that I should share with folks who need it. Isn’t that what I try to do with my writing?

 all in all work is a place to  take my mundane notes every day.

I got some bigger fish to fry with you today.

So, now that I work full time, I am broke all the time. You’d think staying with the flea markets and ebay would be better, since I make twice as much money doing that then this supermarket gig. Benefits is a reason to stay on the job. When I die from carrying bags of potatoes, I want to go to a hospital and die there. I guess in my case, since I do work in a supermarket, the carrot dangling  on a stick is a good pun for working a job with health benefits.

Anyhow, I still have a garage filled with lots of cool vintage stuff and you are going to buy it and make me less poor. I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff when I was a junkman, and I realize that I won’t have time to read all the books, or listen to all the records anymore. I am done. My toast, is your lucky bread…All you need is the dough to buy it. (another grocery joke. I’m crackers).

I still have this great studio and garage and I am inviting you into my world as long as you bring cash and buy some crap… I have books from Harlan Ellison to Jim Goad, I have records from Beatles Picture Sleeves to Dead Kennedy 45’s, girlie magazines including a few more Cheri’s with The Dead Boys. Old comics, old photos… Great old stuff that I am selling in order to pay folks I owe money too. I don’t have a box of stuff. I don’t just have 10 boxes… I have hundreds… Bring cash and a good attitude and the stuff can be yours. Dealers welcome.

I’ll have a couple of dates for party like Holiday fair but you can also just come over between 12 pm and 2 with an appointment. Call  917 582 0379 to come look at stuff or email me on facebook or Even if you buy shit, we’ll have some laughs and you can look at the art work I’m doing now.


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