Chapter 4 – The Millionaire Junkies – I Might Never Know Who I Am

Published March 1, 2013 by Larry Fisher

“I might never know who I am, but I will always know who I wasn’t. ” – Pete The Pipe

“You will never be alone in this city…If you are a nut, there’s a bolt out there for you. I am sure of this.” – Manny

“You don’t really have to pay the Junkies, they’ll steal enough for what they need.” – Manny


Sometimes, I wished I became a Junkie. I would have made a lot more money in this business. It comes with the territory…

How many Junkies in this business have I met who shot one million dollars into one arm, and then another million into another… Quite a few. More than you can imagine. The Millionaire Junkies all let you know when they have shot a million dollars of dope into their arm…I don’t even think they are exaggerating…


I get this call from my ad about doing a clean out that is way over my head.  It is this candy store that needs to be cleaned out of the shelves, but it isn’t just a candy store. It was a speak-easy during prohibition…One of the candy store shelves moves and opened up into a bar with a little stage. Not a big place, but too big a place for me to handle doing the clean out myself.

“Manny, I just want the cool bar stuff. You get the money from the clean out from the landlord and the tables and chairs, and whatever else you can salvage.”

Manny liked that I was dumb about money and stuff.

I can’t wait another sentence  to tell you what happened. So I’m just gonna cut to the chase.  By the cash register at the candy store  was a tube. The tube led to a barrel in the basement which was filled with coins. Manny and I didn’t know about this barrel till later in the day, but the Millionaire Junkies found it early on.

Chucky, Johnny Boy and Pete The Pipe found this barrel and were loading their pockets with so much change, they couldn’t walk a straight line… The three of them were so heavily weighted down, they knocked into each other and ended up on the floor groaning in pain. They couldn’t even get up.

Manny helped them up,”Go ahead you bums. Get out of here with your nickle and dime shit. Come back after you unload the coins and you get loaded.”

He let them walk out with their pockets full.

“Why did you let them leave, with your money?”

” Two reasons, they weren’t going to be able to move anything. They were all weighed down…andwhatever they got, they tipped us off that this place is more than meets the eye…We don’t need these Millionaire Junkies around to case the place out a little better…Where’s there’s coins, there’s dollars.I don’t want nobody here right now, except for us. And I don’t really want you here, but this is your job. ”

Manny and I didn’t find any stash of cash. Maybe one of the Millionaire Junkies did. Johnny and Chucky disappeared for a couple of months. Maybe they found a stash of cash in that basement. When they came back, they told everybody they did time. Manny and I didn’t know if that meant Rikers or a little vacation doing dope in  Florida.

“Manny, why did they have a tube of coins going down to the basement?”

“I don’t know, maybe it was the price of admission into the speak easy. He kept that money separate.


I spent a lot of time at Manny’s or buying collections. I think I liked the distraction from life.

I was working at Time Inc, not really digging it, but doing it never the less. When I talked to people at work, I didn’t really trust many people. At Manny’s, these old mob guys and Millionaire Junkies were more honest. They had to be. If anyone screwed someone over, there was the risk of getting a beating. At Time Inc. people got written up if they did something wrong.

Wrong was right at Time Inc.

I was trying to do some Stand-Up. I was too anxious to do well. The other Comedians were wanna be Millionaire Junkies. I knew the real guys. Same in the music scene, though some of the guys downtown, were able to finally make the Millionaire Junky club.

I probably needed to be on medication. Instead, I spent my time buying stuff and doing a little sorting. I rented out my basement from my landlord,and was rapidly filling it.

“Manny, why am I here? What am I doing?”

“You are finding out about life.”

“What am I finding out?”

“That if you do this business, you will never be lonely. You are going to meet all kinds of funny people, with all kinds of funny ways. If you stick to just that Corporation, all you gonna find is people who are sinking.”

“The funny people aren’t sinking.”

“Sometimes, all the stuff brings people down, that’s why you can’t fall in love with the stuff.”

to be continued





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