Chapter 6 – Gladiators Of The Dump

Published April 3, 2013 by Larry Fisher

“You don’t have to be a genius to make money in the Junk business. Get it for nothing, and if it doesn’t sell, throw it out.” -Richie The Cop

“I always let my driver’s license expire, because I never believe, I’m gonna live that long. And so Officer, if you could give me a break. It will kill me if you give me a ticket.” – Manny

“I never watched T.V. I either come here to the dump or go to Manny’s for my entertainment.”  -Richie The Cop

“My career took a left  turn after I made a U-turn down a dead end street.” – Babbling Crazy Lenny

“This is mob money, spend it on stupid shit.” – Richie the Cop

I loved the idea of losing myself in my world.

At the dump, I read the New York Times from 1945. I tried on shoes from a dead guy; they fit really well, and were worn in…Thanks dead guy. Dead guys gave me great vintage Hawaiians, gabardine suits, thin little black ties, spats, lounge wear…

All could be found at the Greenpoint dump.

I would go there with Richie The Cop. We would stake out the dump like Detectives on a stakeout. We were staking out old stuff. People would clean out houses and bring the old things to the dump. They could have sold the furniture as antiques, but didn’t know better.

Richie the Cop was certifiable and proud of it. He thinks he got over on the Veterans Administration but I know the real story.  Babbling Crazy Lenny filled me in on Richie The Cop’s background,

” Richie just got back Vietnam. I already was back home. I think I killed a guy…Anyway, I told Richie how to go to the Veteran’s Administration and get full mental disability. I told him how to act crazy, say things like, ‘I think I killed a guy.’ I prepped Richie for hours and days. Finally, he had the balls to go to the V.A. He came home super excited. He received one hundred percent disability! He thanked me and thanked me. I said, ‘Don’t thank me, you did it all yourself. I knew if you went down there, they would give you a hundred percent disability because you really are nuts.’  ‘I’m really nuts,’ Richie said. He looked bummed out, and then we started to laugh hysterically. ”

So, there I was on a cool spring day in Richie’s Van, waiting for some action down at the dump. And then she tore up in a Trans Am… She wore long legs and was angry. She opened up her trunk and started dumping suits on the dump. She did some cursing in Italian and then jumped back in the vehicle and tore off.

“What was that?” I asked.

Richie The Cop said,”That was trouble. Get those suits and gather them together. Someone will be by in a half hour to pick them up.

In a half hour, some slow cruising Mob car came into the dump. the vehicle looked like a kid who didn’t want to get his feet wet. Finally, some big goons came out.

Richie whistled for them to come over to his Van. He waved a suit like it was a flag. They came over and handed him 5 one hundred dollar bills. He gave them all the suits. Richie peeled a hundred and handed it to me, “This is Mob money, spend it on stupid shit.”


To be continued


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