The Advantages Of Losing At Musical Chairs

Published October 23, 2013 by Larry Fisher

I was no slacker as a kid. I wanted to win at musical chairs,but if I lost, I kind of liked sitting on the sidelines and watching everyone fight for the remaining chairs.

Let’s not forget that though I lost, I was in fact sitting. I wasn’t sitting in the winning circle alone, by myself , but I was sitting with the other losers, on the relaxed “loser’s bench”.

Instead of aggressively grabbing at chairs and getting my butt down on a seat before someone else did, I was able to watch the rat race from a safe distance. I was able to learn a lot from losing early. I was able to determine who played fair, and who not to trust. (Cheating was evident from the “loser’s bench.”)

So, by now you’ve guessed that my “musical chairs” is a metaphor for how the flea market vendors of P.S.321 were kicked out of the schoolyard they sold in for 25 years and  how “Brooklyn Flea” moved in.

Musical Chairs” in this city happens all the time. Real Estate people deem an area the next “hot” spot, and all the people who lived in an area have to move out. It happens all the time in New York. I just am surprised that “Brooklyn Flea” deemed the Park Slope Flea important enough to conquer.

Why would Brooklyn Flea want to be in charge of an existing Flea Market in Park Slope? I guess cause it would be easy… and once they have had the success of The Ft. Greene Flea, The Williamsburg Flea, The Dumbo Food Market, The Smorgasbord Flea, The Central Park Concessions, The Washington D.C. “Brooklyn Flea”, The Philadelphia “Brooklyn Flea,” I guess it was important for them to own any flea that was in Brooklyn or the rest of the world. Trademark and franchise: Very American

Take a Native American, make a wood carving of his image and make him sell tobacco.  Trademark and franchise…

I imagine Brooklyn Flea Corporate dudes having this conversation,”Ah, why is there a Brooklyn Flea that is not have our name on it. People will think that that P.S. 321 flea is our Brooklyn Flea, and we can’t have that. Everything “Brooklyn” and  everything “Flea”, must have our name stamp of approval and we must be the ones to make the money. Go pull the chair away from underneath those  born and Bred Brooklyn Flea guys and make them a part of the corporate entity.  Go turn them into wood carvings.

What is even more wonderful is that I can see the neighborhood welcoming in this Corporation…”Brooklyn Flea” is now a trademark. It is Equinox, and Starbucks. They should exist. They are the winners of the corporate musical chair game, and I am the loser sitting and laughing at them from the sidelines with a whole hell of a lot of other people .

I look forward to not thinking about “Brooklyn Flea” one day.  I’m sure it will happen. Yes, they will have won the “musical chair” game of Corporate flea markets and I will be on the sidelines on “the losers bench” having some laughs and a good time.  I hope.

I gotta hand it to Brooklyn Flea, they know what they are doing, and I am glad I am not doing it with them.




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