The Monster Dergby

Published October 30, 2013 by Larry Fisher

I write this series of short stories called, “The Monstrological Society Presents.” They are horror stories that a father tells his two young boys at night to keep them quiet as their mother tries to nurse her newborn baby girl to sleep.

It’s the 1960’s and the father works at the Queens Zoo as a caretaker. He is always pestered by his mob family to come back and be one of them. The frustrations that he feels towards his “Mob” family and his everyday life always comes into play when he is telling his  monster stories to his boys.

The narrator of “The Monstrological Society Presents,” is a middle aged man who retells those stories that his father told him and his brother  to his own kids, and discovers meanings that he did not understand when he and his brother heard the stories the first time around…and of course he adds his own twists to the original monster stories… One of his favorite monsters was, “The Monster Dergby.”



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