Every Day Is Halloween, So Halloween is Every Day, But With Lots More Candy

Published October 31, 2013 by Larry Fisher


I wan t to start this Halloween by apologizing to the cast and crew of my web show,”Whose Life Is This Anyway?” I promised  episode 7 to Michael Stewart, Tyler Rackliffe, Will Slayton, William HoHauser , Stephen Villane, Dean Rispler, Rachel Maki and John Lyons a few weeks ago.  The episode will happen in a couple of weeks. I am sorry for the delay.  Here  is the new outline:

Episode 7 will be about a Flea Market corporation which takes over a smaller flea market that the “Dry Heaves” are selling at.”The Dry Heaves” are  selling old crap at a flea market in order to make money for their equipment, so that they can start rehearsing their old Death Metal band together and go on tour.

For those of you eavesdropping in on my notes to my crew, here is episode 6

In real life,  I am obsessed right now with Brooklyn Flea taking over the small schoolyard at P.S. 321. Can you tell?

I have written a horror story about it last night called ,”The Monstrological Society Presents: The Monster Dergby


I have blah, blah blahgged about the takeover, I have tried to write to write Journalists and other Bloggers about the story, and as the cast and crew know from “Whose Life Is This Anyway,” , once I become obsessed with something, I can stick with it for quite a while before I move on.

I also promised the screenplay called “Man Cave” to a few of you. That is still in the works. For those of you  know the story line, I had it completed but changed it to include a corporate takeover of a small flea market.  The story is about a middle aged man (me) dying of a heart attack after doing a yard sale, instead of going to his regular flea market because it was taken over by a Corporation that didn’t want “his kind.”

The dead man’s son,  a Medical Student  inherits the garage, known as “The Man Cave,” and finds out that the “Man Cave” has a quarter of a million dollars of value in it. The son decides to take a year off to sell the stuff.  His fiance and his mother are angry with him. His dad’s friends kidnap the man they blame for his father’s death and he has to deal with them wanting to kill the guy,” I just wanted the quarter of a million dollars to pay off student loans and to get married in Disneyland. I didn’t want to get involved with kidnapping.”

The captured man says,”Let me go and I will give you a deal on a great brownstone, 1.1 milion, right in a up and coming neighborhood.”

The son responds,”You, my father has been running away from guys like you all our life. You sucked the life right out of him and made my mom divorce him. Its guys like you, who think you are doing good and upgrading neighborhoods, but you left a lot people struggling.”

The son then hits the Corporate guy in the head.

As you guys know, I believe every day is Halloween in this city and in this world. I think the gentrification and the way in which the little flea market I worked in was taken over is a great example of the “trick” to the Halloween experience. The takeover resonates with  Yuppie Zombie infiltration.

Let’s take a step back for a moment. What is Halloween and why do people love Zombies? I just wrote this comment to “The Takeaway” with John Hockenberry this morning about Halloween and Zombies.

Here’s what I said,

Everybody has some Zombie blood in them. Zombies are popular because we are all Zombies to something we don’t understand about ourselves. Some people are Zombies to fashion, others to sports, others to money, some are now Zombies to everything Zombie. The bottom line is everybody has a life line or should I say a flat-line to Zombies…and the job of a Satirist is to watch society and see what zombification is happening in the world. Most Zombie writers are Satirists… I might have to write about a Satirist who gets bit by a Zombie…hmm

Humans like to be scared when they know it is safe. They believe fear will be conquered when they go on the roller coaster or through the haunted house. I do very well on roller coasters and haunted houses but a knock on the door when I am not expecting anyone can scare the hell out of me.

I hope everybody has a great Halloween. I hope you can all come out to the new flea market I am a part of at 20th street between 4th and 5th Avenue. I should be enough of a draw, but there will also be other vendors there with great stuff besides mine.

I just want to have fun. I will still be in a gorilla suit, I will be handing out flyers and saying,”Hey, I’m still in my gorilla suit from Halloween, Come on down to the flea market and help me save my life. I have projects to do and people to rip.


One of my favorite moments with my daughter was I shaved my beard off for Halloween, and my daughter whispered to her mother,”What happened to Dad’s face, was he in an accident?”

Enough with the tricks for today, let’s eat some candy!


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