It’s All My Fault, I Know It

Published November 15, 2013 by Larry Fisher

I wish it were the time before the bible. If someone did you wrong, you just took care of it the way you felt best.

Modern problems are dealt with legally. That is what the bible is; it is the first law book.  So, I guess Lawyers are direct descendants of Moses.

Eventually, legal issues will come up with Brooklyn flea markets. You’ll see. People who run some Brooklyn flea markets will have to fold their corporations. Of course, it won’t matter.  They will have made their money and will have moved on to other more lucrative real estate deals.

Its always about making money. Except now, it is always about making money but having the P.R. to present to the public that it is not about making money but about “community.” and about making a farm out of the tough inner city. “You just have to get rid of the weeds, even if you smoke ’em.”

People think short term now. Someone who opens a flea and can close them with a twit, are probably twits. Why should they care about anything else except their pockets. Why? Where else in the world do people do things except for themselves? They weren’t making money with a flea, close it down with a twit.

But the P.R. … Oh the little P.R.  man has to be good. And if  accidentally good things happen because of good P.R. well then it doesn’t matter what or how things are done. Spin it baby! Spin that bullshit you spew.

Good P.R. goes a long way, and some good can actually  come from good P.R. No doubt about it.

Brooklyn fleas are doing good, aren’t they? They talk about making markets where people are coming together like in Maine, where 12 people get together to make a bucket of molasses.

Yet, a market that I sold at in the heart of Park Slope, is taken over and no one from this goody, goody” share a community ” and a responsibility comes and talk to the “molasses” that has been there for decades. Why? Because they already have a process of entry into their “molasses” making… and because they didn’t know that I am capable of writing about them till they close down.


I love that about them. I really do. They think they know it all, and their empire will collapse. Soon enough, no one will want to be with them, cause they suck at communication. They are great at manipulation or spin… They need to connect with The Tea Party, even though they think they are the opposite. They are not.

We live in an obnoxious time, in an obnoxious city, with lots of good people who are just hanging on by a thread. New Yorkers, Brooklyn people have been pushed around by people who come from Maine or The Upper East Side. We got pushed around and bullied and there is no turning back. We lost the city.

Why will I continue to obsess  about this flea market. I have to. I owe it to myself. They have deeply hurt me and other vendors, but still have a pretense of being good guys. When they stop pretending to be good guys, I will move on.

It is all my fault, I know it in my heart. It has to be my fault. I created this mess in this city.  Somehow, I am at fault for not sucking ass to this Corporation. I could have been making mint, like the suck ass vendors who first were rejected by the flea and then when they saw, they had no vendors, made concessions and changed their molasses making rules.

I hate the vendor who had the balls to say anything in the Voice article that is positive. Fuck You. You who hated the takeover more than anyone else. Wait, are you the insider mole who is going to bring down the market? Very clever. Good going guy.


And I am here to tell you that nothing in this city is anyone’s fault except my own.  It is my fault that some other company took over a flea I was scraping by at, and that if I would have stayed, I would have been making nothing, because they have rules on how to make molasses… And their rules included paying when it rained, paying more money even if it is cold and nobody comes. Pay, no matter what. Real community leaders.

And even if a tree is dry, you still have to pay for the sap. I guess that is how they work as community in Maine. I gotta go talk to the guys parents. I bet they think he’s a sap as well. How could they respect him. They left New York to move away from creeps like their son. Oh, what a spin!

Here is another horror story I’ve written  about Real Estate guys who kill wildlife and gut them, and leave them on the beach in the Hamptons in order to drive down the market on Real Estate they want to buy cheaper.

Oh and come on down to the new Park Slope Flea Market on 20th street between 4th and 5th avenue tomorrow. Selling lots of cool records and old memorabila from Patrick McGoohan’s “The Prisoner” show….



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