M.U.C.K.STERS: Acronym For A Yupster Monster

Published November 17, 2013 by Larry Fisher

M. – Middle Aged

U. – Urban

C. – Corporate

K. – “Know It Alls”

M – Middle Aged

These guys are not young  but they like to wear clothes that young hipsters wear. Distressed jackets at a Corporate meeting is accepted even as they are discussing cutting out competition or downsizing their staff.

They like to take off their thick glasses and clean them when someone else is talking. They are pretending to listen.

They are middle aged in traditional American ways and are actually men going through a middle aged crisis.

They have kids and pretend to listen to their wives and kids. They take off their glasses and clean them when talking to their wives.

They hide behind their headphones and listen to what they think is hip music. Their idea of hip music is usually indie drivel. The music has nothing to say about anything important. It is clutter to clutter their mind from any stray thoughts they might have from realizing how lonely and sad their lives are.

They think they are sexy to a young hipster types, but their attraction is more connected to being a sugar daddy to these kids who want pills. Both the Muckster and the hipster girl are counting their money in their head as the Muckster gets a blowjob.

U. – Urban

They did not grow up on the streets of New York getting the shit kicked out of them on a regular basis like the true New Yorker.

They are Urban in that they moved from small towns from places  in Maine, or grew up in wealth on The Upper East side,  and bring their ideas of what an edgier big city should look like from cliched ideas of watching movies like Taxi Driver in a film class.

Because they went to college in the big city, or because someone followed them for a block till they got to their doorman in an exclusive building they think they understand the concrete jungle.

They actually know very little of the true nature of the urban city.

They fear black people.

They gut communities in neighborhoods in places  like Brooklyn.  They gut the brownstones that they bought from poor black folk. They give the black folk enough money to move down South. They want to do business with the black folk but just to give them  enough money to get them out of the community and out of the city.

C.- Corporate

They are beyond” Professional” in the Yuppie acronym…At least Yuppies in the 80’s, anyway, liked to come down to the East Village and slum it up with us. We could share a drink and a drug.

These new corporate types want the cool people to come grovel to them. They want to box up and sanitize everything, so that it can be understood by the masses and it can be safe for their  wives, kids and neighbors. They are in  love with their power, and how they are seen in their communities. They couldn’t care less about reality. It is all about face and how they are seen in the community.

They want to incorporate simple things like  flea markets, and eateries, and just let their  neighbors  think they are cutting edge, by letting them know,”Oh, this food is safe to eat, even though it comes from a recipe in Biafra…An artisinal food vendor who studied at the Culinary arts found the recipe online.”

They are Corporate cut throats who spin their media to think they love the people who work with them and are darlings to the community. They let others do the hard work of creative energy and capitalize on having the power and money to make it about them.

They do recycle, and care about throwing cans into the right colored bag.

They are really  all bottom line guys, and when the time comes, they will cut out anything that no longer is fashionable and is making money for them.

If they own a flea market that is hip, if it is no longer hip, they will cut it out.  They will move on to whatever they can incorporate that will make them money.

K. Know It Alls

They aren’t dumb, but they could never concede to making a mistake. They will spin their own bullshit, rather than accept that they don’t know what they are doing.

If they made a mistake, instead of apologizing, they would rather lie and always look like good guys.

They know what is right for the city, they have money and power, and people go along with their line because they have that.

They get away with a lot and really have caused quite a Mucked up situation.

The irony is that they all want to move out of the city. They hate the rat race. They hate the rat race that they perpetuated.

I almost feel sorry for them… I will like it better when they close up shop.

Go Make Muckster a Word In The Dictionary

I like the name Mucksters and my definition. I like that it sounds like people who are in the muck, I like that it rhymes with fuck. I like that it is like Yuppies, and Hipsters, and Yupsters, but it takes it to a darker different level by acknowledging that they are no longer young; they are middle aged doofuses, who are poor at communication but want to be seen as the inventor of the wheel and the internet. They are sad middle aged men who feel lonely and want some power. They think money is the answer, and are disappointed that it isn’t enough,so they think they need more of it.

I like that I have taken out Professional and made in Corporate… Yuppies are still out there, but they are not Mucksters…Yuppies buy  brownstones from Mucksters. Yuppies and Yupsters are harmless creatures compared to the monster that is a Muckster.

Mucksters are only one percent of the Yuppie, Yupster, Hipster World

O.K. I have a picture  of a Muckster to throw darts at.Who is the Muckster in your life?

Please make this a word


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