I Heart Hoarders – The Hunt For The Oddball

Published February 16, 2014 by Larry Fisher

I really have enjoyed hoarding over the years. There is so much sorting that I do, that I don’t have time to organize my own paperwork. I am too busy organizing other people’s worlds in which they have given up their stuff.

Either they died, or couldn’t pay the storage bill. Something happened to their stuff and I bought it or got paid to remove it from a home. In my book I Heart Hoarders: The Hunt  For The Oddball,” I explore the world of Hoarders as an ultimate insider. I will talk to people who tell me how sick I am. I talk to other  paranoid Hoarders…I talk to the Citizen Kane collectors of the world, who are hoarding the most valuable collections of antiques: rich man’s junk.

What is stuff, why is it so important to some, and make others disgusted?

The creative intellectual discussion of hoarding begins with this book, and maybe by the end of it, I will turn you into a Hoarder, and you will be buying your collections from other Hoarders who I have made realize they need to give up their stuff for good.



I really do love hoarders. I’ve made my living off of their collections and in the process became a Hoarder myself. In fact, not only am I Larry Dah Junkman, but a Prince  of Hoarders.  There are other bigger Hoarders than me. Quite often they are millionaires by what they have hoarded and what they have allowed themselves to part with.

I buy out hoarders. one hoarder after another I have brought their collections to my store or warehouse or home over the years and tried my best to sift through their stuff as quickly as I could.

I have never been able to catch up. In my book, every chapter will examine a different aspect of hoarding. Not all Hoarding is bad. Some hoarding is necessary in this day and age when we rely so much on the internet.

Well, what if the internet goes away. What if something happens and there is a global cyber attack. Could my paranoia of information disappearing really need people to continue to collect books and records etc.


Besides telling my story of how I became a junkman, I will explore Americans need to collect and hold onto stuff. I will use books like 1984, movies like Citizen Kane, Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 as jumping off points to express the dark possibility of our great masterpieces disappearing in a chaotic world where global cyber wars are possible.

I will explore my paranoia and discuss if I need to be on medication with Doctors and Hoarding experts.

My story is one that I love and cherish. I did waste alot of time hoarding books and records that I will never listen to, and each chapter I discuss what is too be gained by pairing down and discussing what I have actually kept and if I have actually really recovered from being a Hoarder.

My Outline does not include this new aspect yet of my book. I just realized that discussing hoarding is something pressing in today’s society. I am being an opportunist and using all the discussions about hoarding as a way to get published. I am whoring the hoarding world by adding this to my book.

I have most of the book done without this new aspect of hoarding included. I have waited on the book and taken my time to get the comic stories that I want to tell and now I will combine them with psychology and philosophy of Hoarders and the people who deal with hoarding.

Agents liked my story but they all wanted me to have an angle since I never got the reality show that was a possibility for HBO and for MTV.

I almost continued in the business because I thought I was going to get a show and not because I wanted to do the job anymore.

I still like doing what I am doing, though I have taken other work and really want to focus on writing full time.Everything gets discussed and dissected in my book,”I Heart Hoarders: The Hunt For The Oddball.”



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