Garage U. Lecture Series – The Medicine Show

Published April 12, 2014 by Larry Fisher

I will find some cool things at my own garage sale today. Some cool record or some great book to read. I will be listening to old tapes of the radio Hound that I recorded 25 years ago. I have a suitcase of tapes, and I will pop one in at random.

My Garage has a religious quality for me and the customers that come and shop, and so I guess I am a kind of  Rabbi for old junk.

What do I mean by a religious quality? Some folks just come buy items from me to “flip” it and make money, but I  am interested in those people who get turned on by a 45 they never heard, or a book they didn’t know existed.

My Garage U. is a Medicine Show: There are items that I sell that can make you feel good forever!

Taste that Nathaniel West collection, bite into a Pynchon paperback of “The Crying of Lot 49,”dig those crazy sounds of Esquivel or a thousand other recording artists.

The Internet is a great place once you know what to look for. Garage Sales are where you look to find things to then look up.

What will you find that will be discarded forever, if you don’t pick it up and explore it. We all have the potential to become Doctors, Witch Doctors, Rabbi’s, Garbology Scientists who will write about lost items that will be preserved on the Internet before they are thrown out.



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