About Larry Fisher and JUNK


Now, Hemingway had his bullshit, I mean his bullfighting, and I have my JUNK. I love the theme of my thrift store and the dinosaurs Junkmen I was lucky enough to meet when I started in this business.

I started to smoke cigars like they did, as I listened to their treasure stories, mob stories, junkie stories, women stories. These guys were Pirates and I was the kid on the ship bringing them the rum and listening to wonderful lands of intrigue all in the five boroughs. New York really has millions of stories, and those millions of stories lived somewhere, and when they died, I got to see how they lived and learned a piece of their story. It was a way I learned to solve mysteries of how people lived, my own way. For example, I look at pots and pans differently than you do. I can tell a lot by the handle and by the condition of a pan…

Come with me on an adventure. Whether you come on my  ship of stories, or on land at my thrift store. You should know that you are a part of the luckiest man on the planet and I bet after you’ve introduced yourself to me, we will swap stories and I will even feel luckier.

You are my guinea pigs. I am experimenting on you. I love you and I plan on taking good care of you… eventually.

Maybe I am experimenting on myself. I have a few books now and will publish them here. Some things are done, some are early drafts. The early drafts are what makes for all the experimentation. I am not trying to be mean, it’s just some  writing, till I can get to edit it.

Still, I publish it here in the hopes that there are some real gems within the jungle of the first draft mind.


One comment on “About Larry Fisher and JUNK

  • This is just like how I imagined your “about” section to be. You make me laugh. You are a storyteller and possibly related to me. Why? Because when I look for pans, I always check the handle. I also look for good things by turning them upside down to see if they have a mark. I like thrift shopping now because it is less of a necessity and more of a “score”. When I was a child I hated it because it meant we were on welfare. I may be your guinea pig but, I am not quite sure that is my spirit animal because they squeak a lot. I fancy being a small red fox if that is alright with you? I adore stories and cannot wait to meet you in person Larry. I don’t even know how we found each other but, clearly we are cut from some kind of similar patchy quilt cloth or something because I cannot wait to hear your stories and share mine.

    Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. ~ Marilyn Monroe

    xo Jenny Magenta

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