Garbalogy – Mitchie The Cop

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

History Of Garbology – Mitchie The Cop At The Dump Part I

Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

What would you do after Vietnam if your job in Vietnam was collecting body parts and trying to match up all the loose ends…

Mitchie came home and decided to roam the streets, picking up loose ends of antiques and hustling it to the city and selling the stuff to stores.

Then he went to rock shows and saw Hendrix in small clubs in the West Village and got high with old army buddies.

His buddies were killing themselves in droves. Mitchie had a game plan. He became a Corrections Officer so that he could incarcerate himself and then when he was off duty, he roamed those streets like Travis in Mean Streets but instead of trying to kill garbage, he was trying to save it from going to the dump.

Then one night, he missed some garbage by 30 seconds and followed the garbage truck to see where they were going.

He ended up in  the Greenpoint Dump. This was where dry goods of furniture and knick-knacks and all kinds of treasures were dumped all day long.

Mitchie never needed to walk the streets alone anymore, even though he did.

At the dump were professional treasure hunters who waited for the vans, cars, garbage trucks  full of  goodies that people were just throwing out.

Mitchie could spend the rest of his life  here, seeing amazing things, acquiring  enough  money  from other people’s garbage to live well and recover from the horrors of the war.

When I come back from my road trip in a couple of days, I will relate the Dump story of the Mafia and what was in the bags. It’s not what you think.

What treasure did Mitchie see go flying through the air and try to catch.

How did 14th century armor end up at the dump?

All these questions will be answered when I return, either thursday or Friday.

Enjoy your time to yourselves, till I return.

Steve what story did you need me to tell?

Was it Killer Kaplan

Thursday, February 28, 2008

History Of Garbology – Mitchie The Cop At The Dump Part II

Category: News and Politics

“The dump is where you want to be,”Mitchie the cop said in the eighties.

Oh how I wish I listened to any of these Junkmen. Sonny, Mitchie, Dick, and I haven’t gotten to my guru Manny yet.

Manny will be the most important Junkman you will ever meet. He is the Dalai Lama of the Ding Dong business I’m in.

Manny will take you to the beginning of this business and lead you up to the end…

First, dump stories…

So, Mitchie brings me to the dump and there is this post apocolyptic road warrior thing going on there. Different folk have different territories racially divided.

Mitchie brought me to the dump to see how great it was but he didn’t really want me showing up there everyday.

I would have been squeezing in on his territory… So, I’d just wait for him to show up at Manny’s with his haul and pick from what he picked at the dump.

He brought me at occassion and this is what I witnessed. Crazy car drives into the yard and a woman with polished nails, opens the trunk and starts to throw bag after bag into a pile.

She gets back in the car and burns rubber.

A couple of minutes later, another car slowly pulls out and a couple of Mob guys open the trunk and very quietly take some bags out and dump it.

I said to Mitchie,”Let’s go get those bags.”

“He held me back… Not yet. No body is going to touch either the crazy ladies bags or the Mobs.

An hour later the crazy lady comes back and does the same thing…

Ten minutes later the mob guys were back and were still as cool as cucumbers dropping off bags.

“What the fuck?”

“Let this play out. We gotta wait and see how this plays out before we grab those bags?”

“How will we know it’s played out?”

The two ships in the night will meet, either here or elsewhere. The important thing is not to touch anything till we know the story.”

This happened multiple times over the course of six hours.

They never met.

Mitchie the cop went over to the guys,”Com on kid, I’ll introduce you.”

“You know these guys?”

“I know who they are.”

The guys were cool, well dressed and all smiles. This was love at the dump. The guys were throwing out the girl’s clothes and the girl was throwing out the guys clothes.

Mitchie the cop said,”You want your clothes back.”

“Don’t need them anymore. You are welcome to them.”

The girl won’t be back anymore and she doesn’t need her clothes. You can take it…. She’ll be getting a new wardrobe.”

Everything was brand new.

We took the brand new Italian suits and all the designer women’s clothes with the tags still on it.

Just another day at the dump. Even if it was my first

Friday, February 29, 2008

The History of Garbology Mitchie the Cop Part III Gladiators At The Dump

Category: School, College, Greek

Gladiators at the Dump.

A lot of people became rich by going to the dump and picking. People were there everyday. It was like a competitive sport too.

The Vietnam Veterans would hang out there, the spanish had their crew, the homeless stuck together. There was a round robin kind of basketball feel to who would score the most stuff in a day…

When a truck pulled up and started unloading, all three teams would go into action. People would say,”Hey let me help you unload your truck.”

Yeah, just hand me those brass lamps with those colored lampshades…

So, you get the picture. People were throwing out goldmines in the dump. By the 90’s the city became more conservative about letting people into the dump. A kid fell and broke his ankle,”Look ma, I’m on top of the world.”

The Story I will tell you today happened about 1986.

Mitchie and I get to the dump and see something you can’t believe…

The Homeless guys and the Spanish guys were in armor and swords. No Vets were around. Bad day not to be first.

What the fuck… It was real armor.. . When did this come in. Where was this stuff from? Questions, panic in Mitchie’s throat.

The homeless guys wouldn’t give up the armor, they wanted to scrap it. The spanish guys just wanted to fight in it.

“What is going on?”

We were able to track it down. We were able to find out that this house was loaded, loaded. It was in East New York and a General from the Civil War lived there. Everything went into dumpsters.

Sanitation guys were pulling stuff out of the garbage, Cops were going into the house and taking weapons.

This one antique  guy in Richmond Hill got a lot of the stuff from the house. Every fifteen minutes someone was coming into the store with another relic from ancient civilazations.

Homeless people were ransacking the house and using it for a crack house.

Sullivan the paper guy went through the crack house and went to the basement to see if there was any magazines or books.

When a couple of crackheads tried to muscle in on his territory, he held up a torch and growled like Frankenstein’s Monster. They ran away. But he noticed something shiny on the ground when he waved the torch.

20 dollar gold pieces A hundred of them were lined on the steps. Each one valued at 500 a piece back then.

We followed the trail to the crack house after talking to sanitation men, cops and antique dealers.

By the time we got to the house it was gone. The house had gone up in smoke. Torched by the crackheads or who knows, maybe Sullivan dropped the torch after collecting 50 grand in one day in the 80’s.

Mitchie and I stood there crying.

Just as well…

If we found a sword we would have committed suicide. The only thing I got out of this was this story and the burned image in my head of Gladiators at the Dump.


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