Garbology- Let’s Meet A Type Of Rock-N-Roller

Friday, March 07, 2008

History Of Garbology- Let’s Meet A Type Of Rock-N-Roller

Category: Parties and Nightlife

I go into a lot of dead people’s homes and buy their stuff from their relatives or friends…

Some of these homes look… horrible. Yellowed walls from 30 years of cigarette smoke, cracked walls, thick dirt like a glaze on the floor, enough cat hair to turn the cat hair into a cat.

But they weren’t poor people or even sad. Even the cigarette burns on the bed aren’t sad. The piss stains aren’t sad either. Shit on their underwear: not sad.

How do I know these horrible apartments didn’t have sad folks living in them?

I have their paperwork and their photos. These men were rock and roll dudes of some sort or another. They were out every night. Every night. They came home to crash and that’s it.

They didn’t need much light in their apartments. T.V. was the night light in the living room. They never had any light in their living rooms, except a small lamp. Always!

I’ve been in a dozen apartments of guys who lived and usually live a rock and roll lifestyle. All the same.

They were out there working, and working hard making good money being on the road as road managers, video editors, Journalists, club owners, professional gamblers.

They were out there living. Drinking cocktails after working a 12 hour day. They were taking drugs and getting laid. They were out there living in suitcases in clean hotel rooms till they got done with it.

They couldn’t give a flying fuck what you thought of them. They didn’t care that when they got home their bed sheets hadn’t been changed.

Fuck in 30 years, they only slept on that bed 90 times.

They were out on the street at 4 A.M. hanging out at rock clubs with Malcolm Forbes, yes I said Malcolm Forbes.( Fuck I used to see that old guy at the Cat Club in the 80’s with a motorcycle helmet on.)

These guys were loud, brash men living the life of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Hey, some of these guys ending up going into programs but I have the photos of them laughing every day for 30 years.

I have the documentation.

More next time


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