Garbology – Story About Gypsies

History Of Garbology – Steve Plummer Request For Story About Gypsys

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My gypsy’s. Oy.

They have been a vexation upon my spirit.

For whatever reason, I’ve always had stores next to gypsy’s. They have all loved getting stuff for nothing.

I’m sure there are all kinds of gypsies. I just haven’t met them.

The ones I have met have all tried to rip me off. Every conversation I’ve had, has felt like they were looking for an angle in.

An angle into what?

An angle into whatever they could get.

On 9th street they made my guy move the desk into the apartment and had him wait outside the door for the money.

A half hour later, he came back empty handed. The desk fit and no matter how much my guy knocked on the door, nobody was home.

Lesson one, get the money up front or just give the gypsies the item, if it’s a cheap item.

Actually, if you start giving stuff to them, they will come everyday.

Don’t give them anything.

There are more lessons: I’ve heard this one from 3 different gypsy readers. I need 10 dollars to get my son to the hospital.

The proper response is, “Call an ambulance and don’t pay the bill.

They may try for 10 dollars for medicine.

You can give it to them and say,”Until I get my 10 back, don’t ask for anything else.”

You may get your 10 back but in a month or two it will become 20.

Give it to them and say the same thing

They may never come back…

If they bring it  back. You’re screwed because the next time it will be 50.

Give it to them.

You will never see them again.

50 bucks gets you rid of a nuisance for a year.

They will come back in a year and you have to remind them that you lent them 50. They will pretend that they don’t remember.

An argument will ensue.

They will put a curse on you.

Oh well…

The best was on 10th street. High roller gypsies who made money from stolen cars from Connecticut… You don’t need the title from Connecticut to sell it if it’s seven years old.

Steve asked me to write about gypsies because he didn’t understand how they are making money from 5 dollar readings.

They quite often live in the storefront and they are never are looking for 5 bucks.

They want all your money…

First, my story.

So, one day I walk into the store in the morning and this great glass deco bathroom medicine cabinet has crashed to the ground.

I didn’t think anything of it for a year till I got a water bill for  a couple of grand.

I understood that the gypsies had broken into the wall we shared and fixed the plumbing so that their showers and washing machine was on my bill.

I knocked on their door and said,”You are a vexation upon my spirit… When your kid ran unto 10th street with uncoming cars, I ran into the street with a car bearing down… When the meter maids come to put tickets on your cars, I put quarters in your meter… How can you stick me with this bill.”

The next day these high rollers paid the bill. I heard them fix the pipes. I wonder now that I’m not in that location what the pipes look like.

Here’s the deal: they don’t want five bucks. They want an old person to give them a building. I don’t know exactly what they say. I guess they feel you out and slowly draw you in to believe something about the afterlife or your future.

If you keep this building in your name, people will die in a fire, and you will go to jail. If you give us 5  grand and sign the building over to us, we will take responsibility, the main thing is to get the building out of your name.”

Your dead wife knows what you did, and is trying to seek revenge on you. Why did you do what you did…. Wait, you just thought those things but now that she’s dead, she knows what you thought.

Gypsies are very sharp. Very sharp. The ones that I haven’t met, I’m sure have become lawyers, maybe real estate lawyers…

Killer Kaplain’s dad gave a building away to Gypsies. It was a big building worth a million thirty  years ago.

His father still believes he did the right thing.

Next time, I tell Killer Kaplain’s story. It is amazing gruesome story about one of the most succeessful Junkmen I have ever met.


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