Garbology – The Nine Plus Club

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The History Of Garbology – The Nine Plus Club

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

Anal sex doesn’t exactly come into play in this latest Junkman tale… then again anal sex has a lot to do with this tragic comedy.

A friend of mine bought this storage room that was too much for him to deal with. He bought The Nine Plus Club.( I put photo’s of the club in my photos on this site.) The Nine Plus Club had strict rules as  to who they allowed into their society. You better have a big cock and it would help if you were Gay.

The storage room I bought  smelled bad., like a bad locker room. It was full of clothes that had ripped holes in the crotch of every pair of jeans. Hundreds of pairs.

It was 200 square foot of garbage except that it had dinosaur photographs and pinbacks of a lost era. I have hundreds of photo’s of the Nine Plus Club…

Imagine, having the wardrobe of Cruising. A great movie with a great Hardcore soundtrack by the way


So, there I am with all this stinky clothes and these amazing photo’s of a club soon to be extinct by Aids.

This biker club traveled around the world. I have all the pin backs from all over Europe as to where they traveled. Certainly they were in the movie snippets I’m showing right here

What can I say the Nine Plus Club and all the Gay Biker clubs are only survived by a handful…

Now, these photo’s have helped me get laid over the years. I’d show the photo’s to girls I was out on a date with. Sometimes I’d have twenty in my back pocket and I would start talking like a Gay biker might talk to another Gay biker.

It would go something like this,”Varoom you beast. Hop on my hog and let me get the engines revved. I will place my nine plus club into your wooded area and I will chop that forest down. Then I will ride up your pavement and screech at your back door waiting for the invitation of all invitations. You know what I like baby, now come over here and scruff up my leather. You are razor girl and I am the leather that you can sharpen up on.”

Some girls would throw the photo’s up in the air and run away and some were intrigued by the 70’s leather boy sex chat. Some girls just looked stunned. I’ve heard that I am headlights on the eyes of poor little animals from former lovers as well as strangers who have met me for the first time

Like I’m sure this story has you in the headlights right now…

Anyway, so I didn’t get rich from this room but I sure had fun with girls.

I am going to have a survivor of the Nine Plus Club in my novel The Darker Rages of Vincent: Van Guy. More chapters are coming.

I’ve been taking a lot of notes and first drafts really confuse me.

My alter ego Lou, the President of the Nine Plus club will take you out of this  tonight.

“Damn straight, I will take you out. You will love me so hard and furious that instead of tears, blood will flow out your eyes and I will lick that blood as soon as I finish licking your boots lady cause some of your cum dripped down and I want to have it all. I want you all more than I can have you. Never forget that Lou the President of Nine Plus (and I only didn’t call the club eleven plus cause I didn’t want to isolate a bunch of close friends of mine), and don’t forget that President Lou of Nine Plus wants you all more than I can have you… but I will try to have you all and I’m hoping you’re lining up right now. And you best be lining up backwards, cause I want to see your ass before I look at those big beautiful bloodshot eyes of yours…”


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